So I went to Rotterdam (Day 4 & 5)

We had originally planned to go to Amsterdam, but we also hadn’t planned to go to Schiermonnikoog in the first place. So it was decided to spice up our trip a little more and went for Rotterdam instead.

I had booked a bed at the StayOkay in Rotterdams iconic cube houses for me and my friends, and since it was already getting dark and we didn’t know the area, we pretty much did multiple laps around the Hostel before we finally found the front door.

(Because it was already getting dark, it was the perfect time for some long exposure photography.)

On the next morning, it was really foggy, sowe weren’t really sure what to do. In the end, we decided to hit up the VVV and ask them for some recommendations. We ended up doing some of the Rondje Rotterdam walking tour and to take a harbour cruise.

(Rotterdams Markthal.)

The harbour cruise was actually really cheap, like 14 Euros per person for a 75 minute cruise, but it was very windy so we spent the majority of that time under deck.


After the harbour cruise, we went back to the Hostel, were we had left our luggage and headed to the train station to catch the service to Eindhoven, from were I’m writing this post.

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