#NL_Railtrip: Recap

My last week in the Netherlands was awesome, but also differed greatly from my original plans. Here are some things that I learned on my journey. And also a YouTube video on it.

Originally, I had planned to go to Amsterdam for a few days. Groningen quickly joined my trip after a friend of my party told me it would be nice to get there. So a few days turned into a week. And then I added Eindhoven into the mix to meet up with an old friend.


While exploring Groningen, we decided to shorten our stay in Amsterdam and go to Schiermonnikoog for a day. When we then discovered that the weather on the island was bad on that day, we decided to make it two.

(On Schiermonnikoog.)

When we left Schiermonnikoog, we discovered that the Hostel that we had planned on staying at in Amsterdam was booked out, and that we didn’t liked the sound of going to Amsterdam anymore.

So we made our way to Rotterdam.

(In Rotterdam.)

After having a great time in Rotterdam, my friends departed, and I headed to Eindhoven. From there I then had the longest journey home.

What I learned:

The first thing I learned is, that plans change, and that change is a good thing. Would I have been happier had I gone to Amsterdam? Who knows, but I have no regrets.

The second thing is that it is good to have backup, because that’s good.

And the last thing I learned is to never ever book a ride on the last train for the day. Because things happen. Like that downed powerline that tourned my way home into the Odyssey it was.

The video:

Oh… and there is still a post coming up about the shot I took on Day 2 in Groningen.

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