The long way home.

Every journey ends at some point. My time in the Netherlands had ran out on Saturday, and so I had to go home. The journey did not went as planned.

I left for the train station quite early and caught my train at 9pm. And that’s were the trouble started. Apperently, the overhead powerline had come down, and the train was only able to go from Eindhoven to Helmond after it already had been delayed some (that’s one station on the IC) and then had to go back.

After some deliberation with customer service, we (I had met some other stranded travellers and their Dutch helper at the station.) then were told to head back to Helmond, were busses would be waiting to take us to Venlo.

(The empty station in Seesen to symbolize the situation in Venlo.)

Of course by the time we arrived in Venlo by 1am, the last Eurobahn train had already left, and the station was closing. NS had organzied for a taxi to get me and 7 more to Düsseldorf, so that was okay.

(Just to clarify: I have no hard feelings towards NS, but the situation could have been handled better. There seemed to be a lot of confusing, but I partly attribute that to the time of the day.)

(Waiting at Bremen Hbf.)

In Düsseldorf then I contacted DB service and I was told to just take the next train to Bremen and continue from there. Off course that train was also delayed, and I had to take a slower service home from Bremen via Hannover, but at least I got home without any additional expenses.

(Just a few more hours to go.)

When I finally arrived back home, I pretty much passed out in my bed.

(I didn’t take any pictures in the Netherlands anymore, because it was night and I was mildly annoyed.)

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