My favourite picture from the Netherlands.

My trip to the Netherlands last week has been awesome. But since I’m still a university student and still do have exams to take, it took me quite some time to finally finish up my favourite shot from that trip.

To take that shot, I literally and figuratively had to abandon my friends for aabout 2 hours on the second day of our trip to go to Reitdiephaven. They went to the museum instead.

(My final composition.)

Reitdiephaven is a special location in Groningen, since there are a lot of very colourful, scandinavian style homes built on piers that stretch into the marina there. It’s a really beautiful location.

But since my usual editing process takes away a lot of the colour, I had to change my workflow. It just didn’t do the place any justice. And it took me a while to get it right.

(Another angle, I didn’t like it too much.)

When I arrive on location, a quickly figured out that I wasn’t going to be happy with a standard quick exposure, so I pulled out my tripod, popped my ND filter on and started experimenting with different compositions and settings. As to not introduce camera shake into my photos, I used my wireless remote and a two second timer for most of my shots.

My wireless remote confused another photographer at that location, and he offered me to try out his wired one. It was a nice gesture, but his 5D something connector didn’t fit my Canon M5. Also, my ND filter was to weak to get more than 1 second of exposure time at lowest ISO and at the highest f-stop I’m comfortable with. (I just don’t like anything above f/16.)

In the end, I came out with my favourite shot of Groningen, and also with one of my favourite shots of the whole trip.

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