Good Grubs Pt. 1

Food for me definitely plays a huge part in exploring new places. Foreign cultures are often best understood by what they eat. But sometimes nothing can beet a good, old fashioned burger.

A good burger to me is very simple yet complex. It has to be mouth watering and hand eatable. No forks and knives allowed.

For me, few things make the perfect burger.

(A good burger can be found in many places.)

A good balance between beef and bread, sweet and savoury is key. And sometimes a bit of hotness doesn’t hurt.

My burger would probably consist of a good bun, some crunchy salad, some mayo with mustard on the bottom, a bit of ketchup up top and an awesome patty in between. The patty just shouldn’t be to thin or to thick. (Although I heard Tennessee deep fried burgers are supposedly quite good.)

(Yes, sometimes I eat at McDonalds, and sometimes it’s actually good.)

Sometimes, cheese is awesome. Like that time when I had a Brie burger in Hamburg. It was awesome.

And who can seriously say no to a slice of awesome bacon? I definitely can. Sometimes, bacon is just to overpowering.

But in the end, there’s only one standard a burger has to adhere to for me: No sliced tomatoes. I hate those. And any burger shut be able to be eaten without utensils. And it shouldn’t be to dry, like that time I had one of those in Toronto.

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