Why I still shoot RAW.

Ever since I got my first DSLR, I'm shooting RAW. It's just way better if you want to edit pictures. Lately I've noticed the old RAW vs JPEG discussion popping up in several photography groups on Facebook, and that's why I'm going to explain why I always shoot RAW. (My favourite picture from the Netherlands.)… Continue reading Why I still shoot RAW.

Osterode from above.

We had some beautiful weather today, and so I decided to climb the tower of the St. Aegidien Market Church once more today. And the views didn't disappoint. Only that I had my camera set to the wrong mode for a part of the journey. A few weeks ago, I had thought of going up… Continue reading Osterode from above.

#nordsee_rr: Recap.

Last weeks short trip to the North Sea was amazing, especially since I've been doing it with my family. When my grandma and I started our journey to Tossens/ Butjadingen, the weather here at home in the Harz wasn't very pleasant, it's been raining all day. And it also rained when we arrived in the… Continue reading #nordsee_rr: Recap.

Wattwanderung & Wilhelmshaven

Today me and my family did that Wattwanderung we had inquired about yesterday. In the afternoon we then dropped of my brother at the train station in Wilhelmshaven. We started out early at our apartment in Tossens, from were we drove to the beach and got on our wellies. Since I don't own wellies, I… Continue reading Wattwanderung & Wilhelmshaven

Tossens & Fedderwardersiel

People who follow me on Instagram might know that I'm currently spending some time on the North Sea coast with my family. I arrived on the train with my grandma yesterday evening, so we didn't do much then. Today we had an awesome day on the sea though. In the morning, after we had breakfast,… Continue reading Tossens & Fedderwardersiel

Steak & Bread

Sorry for the silence. Just wasn't inspired by anything. So I've been to Zellerfeld today to pick up some blueprint paper for university. And because it was the first of May yesterday, the Bergbauernmarkt (mountain farmers market) is open again. Because I had time at hand and was feeling peckish, I decided to walk the… Continue reading Steak & Bread