Steak & Bread

Sorry for the silence. Just wasn’t inspired by anything.

So I’ve been to Zellerfeld today to pick up some blueprint paper for university. And because it was the first of May yesterday, the Bergbauernmarkt (mountain farmers market) is open again.

Because I had time at hand and was feeling peckish, I decided to walk the market and then see what I would get. There were so many options, from Dutch Poffertjes, those are tiny pancakes with butter and sugar on top, to Hungarian Kürtőskalács, a spiral shaped pastry.

(An old picture of strawberries.)

Since I wasn’t sure what to get, I first got myself a box of fresh strawberries. And some Poffertjes.

But that was more for the hollow tooth. So I went for a nice neck steak in a standart roll, because that stuff is just delicious if done right, and the guys were I got it from know how to do it right.

(Doesn’t this look good?)

That farmers market runs from May to October, so come by if you’re ever in the Harz in Germany, it’s awesome! And crowded, so better come early to avoid not finding any parking spots, those are gone fast.

(Early crowds at the Bergbauernmarkt.)