Tossens & Fedderwardersiel

People who follow me on Instagram might know that I’m currently spending some time on the North Sea coast with my family. I arrived on the train with my grandma yesterday evening, so we didn’t do much then. Today we had an awesome day on the sea though.

In the morning, after we had breakfast, we made our way to the tourist information in Tossens, to find out about Wattwanderungen offered in the area. We are planning on doing that tomorrow.

(The Watt during low tide in Tossens.)

After walking at the promenade for a while, we drove to Fedderwardersiel, only to find out that the expedition ship we wanted to take wouldn’t arrive until 5pm. It wasn’t even two. But since we hadn’t had lunch yet, we got ourselves some fish rolls. And then drove to our apartment to have some cake.

(A Krabbenkutter.)

At 5pm we were in Fedderwardersiel again, to take that expedition ship. We drove around for a while, since it was a fishing expedition, they let in a net and got out some crabs and jellyfish, but mostly kelp.

(Fedderwardersiel harbour.)

For dinner then I had a way to large Schnitzel, because I wasn’t feeling like fish.

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