Wattwanderung & Wilhelmshaven

Today me and my family did that Wattwanderung we had inquired about yesterday. In the afternoon we then dropped of my brother at the train station in Wilhelmshaven.

We started out early at our apartment in Tossens, from were we drove to the beach and got on our wellies. Since I don’t own wellies, I had to borough some old ones from my step dad, which were way to small for legs, they almost didn’t go in.

(In the Watt.)

In the end though, I managed to put on my boots and we went to the Watt. It was really cool, and I can only recommend doing a Wattwanderung. If you like to be closer to nature, you can even go bare footed. But I wouldn’t recommend it. There are many seaschells and crabs in the mud.

(A sea shell.)

Also, it’s not a good idea to stand in one spot for to long, because you get sucked down in the mud, and it’s hard to lift out your shoes. We then went to shore again, because a tour guide we came across said that the tides were already rising again.

(A shed crab shell.)

Because it started to rain then, and because we had to get my brother to a train station anyways, we then decided to go to Wilhelmshaven. We also had to get him some new pants.

(In Wilhelmshaven.)

Afterwards, we made our way to the Marinemuseum, a museum dedicated mostly to the history of the German Navy, but we didn’t went in, it was already to late. But we had some cake and tea at the nearby Aquarium.

It was a great day. Only that I didn’t take many pictures in Wilhelmshaven.

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