#nordsee_rr: Recap.

Last weeks short trip to the North Sea was amazing, especially since I’ve been doing it with my family.

When my grandma and I started our journey to Tossens/ Butjadingen, the weather here at home in the Harz wasn’t very pleasant, it’s been raining all day. And it also rained when we arrived in the evening.

But the next morning was spectacular! We had the most beautiful sunshine I had seen in a while.

(Behind our holiday home.)

We explored Tossens for a while, had some delicious crab rolls and cake and then had a rather interesting trip on a holiday excursion boat, where I held a North Sea crab in my hand for the first time! Fiddly little things those crabs.

(A crab cutter in port.)

On the second day we had the most awesome Wattwanderung, even though I got stuck in the mudd on several occasions taken photos. It was windy and wet and very muddy, but it was great.

(In the Watt.)

We then had a few hours in Wilhelmshaven to get my brother to his train home, what was a good thing since the car was packed the next morning, but the time was to short to actually do much more. I would have loved to visit the local Navy Museum. But I’ll do that someday.

(In Wilhelmshaven.)

The only bad thing I can say is that the two days I had on the North Sea coast with my family were way too short.

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