Osterode from above.

We had some beautiful weather today, and so I decided to climb the tower of the St. Aegidien Market Church once more today. And the views didn’t disappoint. Only that I had my camera set to the wrong mode for a part of the journey.

A few weeks ago, I had thought of going up the tower already, but when Saturday came, the weather wasn’t good enough to justify the climb. Luckily though, there is no entrance fee.*

(The church from street level. Old photo.)

To avoid being surprised by a wrong weather forecast again, I got up quite early to check on the skyes myself, and it was beautiful, with sunshine and just a few clouds around.

(View from the tower.)

So I decided that I would go ahead with my plans to climb the tower. Luckily for me, there were just three more people and the tour guide going up today, so it wasn’t to crowded.

(It was also market day in Osterode.)

We ascended to around 40 metres, that’s about 131 feet, above the streets of Osterode and the weekly farmers market that’s also on Saturdays. On the way up, the tour guide explained some things about the tower, for example that it was originally built as a guard tower.

(View towards the Harz and Osterode’s catholic church.)

On the way down then, we entered the attic above the church nave. I’ve never been there before, as guided tours don’t usually go there, but it was actually quite intersting. When we left again, I hit my head on the very low door quite hard though.

(View towards the old castle ruins and the Harz. Same direction as above, just without the window. Click for Instagram)

*donations are appreciated though.

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