Golden Hour.

I love landscape photography. It's my passion. Usually, I take most of my pictures in the afternoon, because the light is nicer then. But the best, most beautiful light comes during Golden Hour. I love Golden Hour. For any of you not knowing what I'm talking about: Golden Hour is the the last hour before… Continue reading Golden Hour.

Why I don’t usually use tripods.

A lot of landscape photographers use tripods and ND or graduated filters for their photography. They usually also wait for the perfect light. I don't use my tripod that frequently. Tripods are just a hassle to set up and move around to find your composition. Off course they have their place in landscape photography, and… Continue reading Why I don’t usually use tripods.

Police Open House.

Yesterday, the police hosted an open house in Osterode. And because I was interested in it, and also because I had nothing else todo, I went. I initially thought that I wouldn't have long when I arrived at the local station, because the internet told me that the event would end at 3pm. It ended… Continue reading Police Open House.

Bark beetles.

Here in the Harz, especially in the National Park, we have quite some bark beetle troubles. There are just so many dead trees, because of the spruce monoculture left behind by the once sprawling mining industry in the area. Back in the day, the miners needed loads of wood for their mining operations. They escpecially… Continue reading Bark beetles.

Scale in landscapes.

I love landscape photography. Our planet is just so beautiful. But sometimes, I like to iclude things into my landscape shots for scale or subject. A good landscape doesn't need anything else but it's natural beauty. But sometimes, that isn't enough. Soemtimes, there just isn't enough bezass in the shot. In such cases, I use… Continue reading Scale in landscapes.

Clausthals’ Teiche

We here in Clausthal have a load of small ponds called Teiche. Together with hundrets of kilometres of ditches and tunnels those roughly 140 ponds form the Oberharzer Water Regale, an important part of the areas mining heritage. With the rise of electric power and also the advent of more compact hydraulic systems the Water… Continue reading Clausthals’ Teiche

Don’t be afraid to crop.

I know a lot of people who don't edit their images. But I know even more people who would never dare to crop their images even a tiny bit. I'm not one of those people. Of course it's better to get your composition right straight away. And I usually strive to do so. But sometimes,… Continue reading Don’t be afraid to crop.

The best photo spots in Cologne.

I absolutely love Cologne. It's such a beautiful city. Here's a list of my favourite photo spots. There's no particular order to this list. 1. Between Hohenzollern and Zoo Bridge. Looking down the Rhine, you can get some nice photos of Colognes skyline, including the dome. This spot is especially nice by night, but there… Continue reading The best photo spots in Cologne.

Clausthals’ Stadtfest

While Osterode had it's beach cup, Clausthal hosted its annual Stadtfest. It's a streetfair that enables clubs and organzitions to showcase themsleves. I was there with my Formula Student Team. Since the Stadtfest started on Saturday, at least for us, we set up our small waffle stand early in the morning, almost getting blown away… Continue reading Clausthals’ Stadtfest

#12 OHA City Beach Cup

For the twelves time, Osterode's main market place was covered with tons of sand to turn it into a beach volleyball court. I originally only wanted to pay a short visit today, but I ended up staying for quite a while taking pictures for my universities team. Just as I was originally preparing to leave,… Continue reading #12 OHA City Beach Cup