How to post Landscape oriented pictures on Instagram.

Most people might know that their pictures are less likely to just get swiped when they take up more screen real estate on Instagram. But what if you still want to post that gorgeous Landscape shot you just took?

The best way to use up as much screen space as Instagram will let you is to post pictures in 4×5 portrait orientation. Most Landscape oriented pictures have an aspect ratio of 3×2 (my camera) or 4×3 (my iPhone) though. To use as much screen real estate as possible, there are a few ways to go along.

One such way would be to just crop your picture to 4×5 portrait, but sometimes you don’t want to do that, as you lose a lot of picture using this method.

(My latest IG post, cropped to 4×5 portrait.)

Another way is to use Photoshop or dedicated apps on your smartphone. I prefer to use apps, because I think it’s easier to do and also because I need to put the picture on my phone for sharing anyways. I use and app called Panols*, but there are many more that do the same thing.

Using the app, you first select your picture. Then you select your crop, it offers square as default and 4×5 portrait via in app purchase (I don’t mind supporting creators of otherwise free apps.). You can also move around your frame. Once done, hit ‘split poto’ and the app does it’s work and saves your files to your camera roll. Just note that two 4×5 files make a 8×5 when titched togehter, so you still loose a bit of content when cropping from 3×2 and a little bit less when cropping from 4×3.

Panols prompts you to post the pictures it just created as individual posts to Instagram, but there’s a much better way to do it: Carroussels. To create a Carroussel, you select your photos as you would usually do, using the button with the two arrows to remove Instagrams standart square crop. You then use the rightmost button, the one with the layered squares, to create a Carroussel. Now you just have to select your pictures in the correct order and you’re ready to go.

(Symbolized crop of my final post, click for IG.)

Just select the filter, if you want to use one, add your caption ans hashtags as well as your location, and you’re ready to post your landscape shot to Instagram.

*I have no affiliation with the creators of Panols.

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