Almost made it to the Wolfswarte.

Today I was out hiking with a few friends. We started in Torfhaus and had planned to go to the Wolfswarte, about 3km away. We almost made it there. Just almost.

We had decided to start our hike in the afternoon and arrived in Torfhaus around 3pm. And that’s where we made our first mistake. We parked on the paid parking lot, because we had absolutely forgotten about the free one down the road.

(In Torfhaus, viewing the Brocken, and a motor cyclist, the Harz attracts many of those.)

But that was okay. We then made our way across the street to the ATM to get some cash for said parking lot and started our journey by walking across the free parking lot down the road.

(The path next to the road was very narrow.)

When we came to the more densely forested part of our trail, there were still many trees lying there from the last big storm a few years back, with a path cut down the middle.

(Over trees and stones.)

Approximately midway through our hike, we had to cross the main road between Torfhaus and Altenau, and I have to say, people there drive crazy fast, and there were a lot of cars passing by, so we had to wait for a bit.

(An old mining channel near the road.)

After we crossed that road and an old mining channel, the easy part of our hike was more or less over, as the path now followed some sort of stream and went straight up and into the sunshine. We shut have hiked up on a cloudier day, because it was really hot in the sun.

(The path.)

On that path, not even 500m from our destination, one of my friends broke through a dead root and twisted his ankle. Not much, but still enough that he wasn’t able to continue the steep climb. So we walked back to Torfhaus.

(Stupid dead root.)

Back there his foot was already better, but we were to exhausted and also didn’t have enough time for a second run today, so we each had a Pepsi, got in the car after paying the 6 Euro parking fee, and drove home.

(A typical waypoint marker in the Harz National Park.)

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