Hydration is crucial.

With the temperatures rising almost to the 30ties here in Germany, hydration is becoming even more important than it is the rest of the year. Of course that’s also true when you’re out and about exploring.

I personally use a 1L/ 32oz Nalgene bottle, but any plastic/ metal/ glass bottle of sufficient size would do just fine. I chose plastic, because some national parks and other areas don’t like or even outright ban glas bottle. And I’m just not a huge fan of metal bottles where I can’t see how much is left in it.

(Taken during Sunday’s hike.)

But that’s not important. Drinking water is.

And drinking water is the best option. It doesn’t contain sugar to make you fat or booze to make you drunk. It also quenches thirst the best.

(A picture of Niagara Falls to symbolize the water.)

Personally, I often prefer tab water to water bought in the store, because it’s cheaper (at least where I live.), and I don’t have to haul it to the 3rd floor by hand. And the tab water in my area is actually really refreshing and dare I say, it even ‘tastes’ good. As far as water goes.

(Sometimes, I put lime in my water.)

Sometimes, when I’m bored of regular tasting water, I add things like mint leaves, lime slices and or lemon slices to it. I especially love the taste of lime in my water.

So go ahead, quench your thirst with some nice, fresh water and have a nice evening.

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