Feierabend in Osterode

Every 1st Thursday of the months between May and September, we in Osterode celebrate Feierabend. It’s not only the German word for the end of shift, but also the feeling of letting go for the day and chilling with friends.

At Feierabend, there’s always something different. The event often showcases local bands, food and drinks. For example this local craft-beer brewery I discovered today. Actually, there were two local craft-beer breweries around.

(A bottle of Harzer Craft-Beer with a coaster.)

I still have to try that beer though, as I don’t drink and drive, and you should do that, too. Not only is drinking and driving illegal, it’s also highly dangerous.

(Feierabend had just started when I was there today.)

The Music programme changes every time and is mostly live, the food truck also changes, and is very good most of the times. It’s usually a well visited and liked event.

That’s all for now though, as I haven’t been there long enough today.

Feierabend on Osterodes website: Click here.

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