So I’ve been to Cologne again.

The last three days have been a blast. I’ve been to Cologne once again, this time with University, and the 3 of us had a great time! I’ve also seen places I’ve never been to before.

We arrived very late on Tuesday, and after checking into the Hostel, we started our journey in Colognes Belgian quarters. From there, we made our way to the dome in search of food and drink. We found both at a small burger joint. From there, we walked along the Rhine back to our Hostel for the night.

(The Kölner Dom from a distance.)

On Wednesday we then did some University stuff, got our shoes dirty, and then explored Cologne a bit more. We started off at the Flora. None of us had been there before. It was so beautiful.

(In the Flora.)

After walking thru multiple parks, we ended up in Nippes and explored around there for a while. Mostly to find dinner. We had some delicous Thai food. Because it was getting late, we again made our way back to the Hostel. Because I had a mad blister under my foot, I decided to take the train, but because I made some bad switches, that only saved me five Minutes. But I got some video off of that.

(Subway stop Boltensternstraße.)

Yesterday we had some more university business to attend to and then drove back home to Clausthal. On the way there, traffic was really bad. So many construction sites everywhere. And off course roadwork never gets done.

(The video I was talking about.)

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