#12 OHA City Beach Cup

For the twelves time, Osterode’s main market place was covered with tons of sand to turn it into a beach volleyball court. I originally only wanted to pay a short visit today, but I ended up staying for quite a while taking pictures for my universities team.

Just as I was originally preparing to leave, someone asked me if I was going to University in Clausthal. He then asked me if I could take a group picture for the team. Turns out, it was the team captain.

(Before I was called to action.)

That team picture turned into me staying and shooting for the group matches, which they easily won, and the half finals, which they also won. I had a really good time.

But now more on the OHA City Beach Cup itself. Every year since 2007 or 2008 400 metric tonnes of sand get dumped onto the market place in the middle of Osterode to create 3 volleyball fields. It’s become such a big event, that it’s hard to register to participate. That’s because so. manny people want to take part in the cup.

(So much sand.)

It’s an event that brings together the whole city for a few beautiful summer days. And it’s definetly fun to watch the games. Find out even more on the vent website, it’s in German: http://www.kindersportstiftung.com/oha_city_beachcup.htm

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