Clausthals’ Stadtfest

While Osterode had it’s beach cup, Clausthal hosted its annual Stadtfest. It’s a streetfair that enables clubs and organzitions to showcase themsleves. I was there with my Formula Student Team.

Since the Stadtfest started on Saturday, at least for us, we set up our small waffle stand early in the morning, almost getting blown away by the wind. We didn’t sell much waffles during my shift. We ate several ourselves though.

(The waffle stand.)

Being a Formula Student team, we didn’t only sell waffles, off course. We also presented one of our older Racers. That’s because the latest version, the GVRacer 7, is currently at the Ideenexpo in Hannover. But the GVRacer 6 is still a beauty and a good way to show off what we do.

Today then, it rained a lot during my shift and we had ran out of batter quite soon, because we didn’t have much of it to start with. When the new batter arrived around 2:30pm, we sold a lot. There were so many poeple coming for our delicious waffles. And to sit in our racecar.

But off course, we weren’t the only ones showing off our gear or promoting our club. There were many more. And like always, security organizations also came for a little show and tell. Like the THW (Technical Support Services) and the local Fire Department. And even though I know quite a bit about those two, I still had them show me around for a bit, because it’s interesting to me.

I even scored quite good in a game set up by the THW, were you had to poor water out off a bottle into a bucket using an excavator. I also did well in can archery, were you had to shoot a tennis ball tipped arrow at some cans.

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