The best photo spots in Cologne.

I absolutely love Cologne. It’s such a beautiful city. Here’s a list of my favourite photo spots. There’s no particular order to this list.

1. Between Hohenzollern and Zoo Bridge.

Looking down the Rhine, you can get some nice photos of Colognes skyline, including the dome. This spot is especially nice by night, but there are drunk people around at times.

(Better bring your tripod though.)

2. Heumarkt Subway Station.

Heumarkt is a very modern subway station with some nice play between lights and shadows.

3. Apple Store Schildergasse

Under the glass spiral staircase.

4. Around Hohenzollern Bridge.

Mostly because it’s a beautiful bridge.

5. Flora & Botanical Gardens

6. Kölner Dom

Yes, the Dom is beautiful. But it’s also very cliche. Also, it’s more of a motive.

Other nice/ cool places include:

  • The roof of the Schokoladenmuseum.
  • Köln HBF and the subway station there.
  • U Boltensternstraße. (Featured Image.)
  • The Rhine behind the Cologne Riehl Hostel.
  • The promenade below Hohenzollern Bridge on the opposite side of the dome.
  • The Parking Garage of the Galeria Kaufhof near the Apple store.
  • Probably the cable car at Zoo Bridge. But it’s always been closed when I was there.
  • Between Hohenzollern and Severins Bridge.
  • Messe/ Deutz station.
  • From the roof of the chocolate museum.
Towards Köln HBF.)

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