Clausthals’ Teiche

We here in Clausthal have a load of small ponds called Teiche. Together with hundrets of kilometres of ditches and tunnels those roughly 140 ponds form the Oberharzer Water Regale, an important part of the areas mining heritage.

With the rise of electric power and also the advent of more compact hydraulic systems the Water Regale lost most of it’s significance. Also, the last mine in the Harz closed down in 1992. But that’s enough about that for now.

(©Hans-Jürgen Boyke, Source:WikiMedia)

Today I’ve had a short walk around two of those ponds, the Upper and the Lower Hausherzberger Teich. It’s actually quite beautiful there.

(The lower of the two ponds, its’ dam is to the left.)

Being artificial ponds, the two are held in places and divided by dams. And with the ponds being centuries old, so are the lakes. Since mining in the Harz isn’t a thing anymore, both lakes are now used for recreational activities, with the Upper Hausherzberger Teich housing Clausthals’ Waldseebad.

(Near the Waldseebad.)

The water in the ponds is actually very clear and beautiful. It was also absolutely refreshing for my feet today. And for the dogs of many people who walk their dogs there.

(The water was so nice today.)

But the lakes aren’t only nice because of their refreshing water, spending some time there is also a good way to disconnect from the hustle of University for a few hours and to recharge your mental batteries.

(The forest at the pond.)

Sometimes, I go to the lake just to relax after University or in between lectures as it’s also not very far away from the from the geotechnical campus where I spend most of my times as a student.

(The lower pond from the upper pond.)

So yeah, I really like the ponds around Clausthal. They are just to beautiful and peaceful to miss.

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