I prefer Clouds in Landscapes.

Blue skies are beautiful, but they are so boring when it comes to Landscape Photography. Clouds are an easy, natural way to spice up any Landscape Shot. If you read my blog before, you know that Contrast and Content in Landscapes. And Clouds are the easiest way to achieve those two Aspects. You do not… Continue reading I prefer Clouds in Landscapes.

I love Street Photography. Sometimes.

There is no better way to Capture day to day life than Street Photography. And while I do not usually pursue the craft, I do love it. Some people might think that Street Photography in Europe is pretty much Illegal thanks to new privacy laws like the EUGDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation), but it… Continue reading I love Street Photography. Sometimes.

I absolutely love this Lens.

The first lens I ever bought for my then Canon 100D, not counting the Kit Lens, now is one of my all time favourites. I just absolutely love my Nifty Fifty. It is also my Fastest Lens. And it is so cheap! Back in early 2016, when I bought it, I just paid around 100… Continue reading I absolutely love this Lens.

Weird Vintage Lenses.

Over the years, I came to own several Vintage Lenses. Most of them came with Vintage Cameras I bought at flea markets, got gifted or, in one case, inherited. Some of those lenses are really quite weird. For example the Canon 35-70mm 3.5-4.5A I got with my Canon 1000N. It's not the oldest lens that… Continue reading Weird Vintage Lenses.

Don’t be afraid of high ISOs.

Not too long ago, I refused to use any ISO over 1600. That was because my old Camera really didn't perform very well at any number greater than that. But my current Camera is actually quite passable, even up to ISO 12800. There was a time, when I absolutely loved to shoot in the dark… Continue reading Don’t be afraid of high ISOs.

HDR Photography.

Modern Cameras usually have quite good Dynamic Range. That means that they retain quite a bit of detail in the Shadows and Highlights before clipping. But sometimes that Dynamic Range is not enough. That's when HDR Photography comes into play. That stands for High Dynamic Range. Let's assume that a Camera has 10 Stops of… Continue reading HDR Photography.

I love shooting Video.

I consider myself to be a Photographer. I absolutely love Photography and spend quite some time, out of work and university, pursuing the craft. But another thing I've always enjoyed doing is shooting Video. It's just a fun way expressing my creativity in moving pictures, because that's how we see our world. Through motion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2hkjjU9G-0… Continue reading I love shooting Video.

Getting the Shot.

A lot of us are great when it comes to babying their Cameras. Some of those people are also good at getting the shot. I'm not one of those people. For me, my Camera is just a tool to get the Shot. That doesn't mean I don't take care of it. I usually carry it… Continue reading Getting the Shot.

Black & White Photography

Colourful Photos are awesome. But sometimes, it has to be a good old Black & White Image to set the mood straight. For me, Black & White, or Monochrome Photography is extremely beautiful. But that is only the case if it's done right. I see more than enough B&W Pictures on the internet that should… Continue reading Black & White Photography

Night Photography in the Rain.

I absolutely love Night Photography, especially Long Exposures. But doing so in the rain has, up until now, been pretty much impossible for me. I would have always needed a roof or a ledge to stand under and protect my Camera from the weather. That has changed a few days ago, when my plastic Rain… Continue reading Night Photography in the Rain.