At the Sösetalsperre.

After having exams this morning, and after a quick stint at my Formula Student Team as well as a quick session at the gim, I had to soak in some sun at the Sösetalsperre. It was just to windy to do that in Clausthal.

So I figured to do some more landscape photography with my 55-250mm telephoto lens, which translates to roughly 88-400mm on my APS-C sensored Canon M5. I love that little camera. It’s so capable.

(Layers of trees at the Talsperre.)

When I arrived at the Talsperre, I first had to explain that, in fact, you can take landscape pictures with a telephoto lens. They had no idea that that is actually possible. But they were quite impressed by some of the results I showed them.

(You can’t actually see much of Osterode from the Talsperre.)

Despite being just about 3km airline from Osterode, you can’t actually see much of the city from the dam, as most of it lies around a bend in the valley. From the parking lot side of the actual dam you can only see the roof of Osterodes only high rise. From the far side, you can actually see a bit more about the neighbourhood around the former Army base in town.

(Some shrubs in the reservoir.)

Leaving the facts aside, the Talsperre is a really nice place to disconnect for a while and just relax a bit. It’s just so peaceful there. To achieve my goal of disconnecting, I just left my phone in the car.

(A rocky outcrop at the Talsperre.)

All in all, I had an awesome day at University and at the Talsperre, even though exams usually aren’t the nicest thing in the world, they get you closer to what ever degree you want to achieve.

(Some birch trees in the middle of other trees.)

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