Yet another Teich.

As I’ve said before, there are many lakes around Clausthal. Today, I made my way to the Hasenbacher Teich to have my dinner and take some pictures.

Situated between Clausthal and Buntenbock, the Hasenbacher Teich is, during the summer time, the place to go swim if you are from Osterode and you want to swim in a Teich. Even though that has declined in the past few years, many people in enjoy swimming there.

(The shore of the Hasenbacher Teich.)

I guess that’s because, unlike most of the other Teiche, there is a great big lawn on one side of it instead of more forrest. And people who go swimming in the Hasenbacher Teich also tend to enjoy the sun.

(The far end of the Teich.)

I myself only have been swimming in the Hasenbacher Teich a few times, but I always liked it there. Even though there were always many people, it was still peaceful and mostly quiet. I also realy loved swimming in the Teich.

(The dam of the Hasenbacher Teich.)

Like all the Teiche in the Oberharz, the Hasenbacher Teich is a manmade structure, built in the 1600s to support mining operations in the area. Thus it has a dam and an overflow on the ‘valley’ side closer to Buntenbock.

(View towards Buntenbock.)

You can actually see Buntenbock from the Teich, and it’s only a short walk to the village. Now, there is no supermarket in Buntenbock, but you can, once roadwork is done and the bus goes there again instead of the road near the Teich’s parking lot, take the Bus from there to Osterode or Clausthal. It is also just about 3km walking distance from central Clausthal, so you don’t need a car or take the bus there, you can also walk or cycle.

(I found a poppy on the parking lot.)

If you do take your car to the Hasenbacher Teich though, I have to advise you that there is limited space on the parking lot, so it would be wise to carpool if you want to take some friends. And the Teich is always much nicer with some friends. Also, you wont immediately see the Teich from there, as you have to follow a path thru the forrest for about 100m.

(Road to the parking lot.)

All in all, I have to say that I really like the Hasenbacher Teich. It’s just a beautiful place to hang out and relax with some friends. So give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

DISCLAIMER: As with any lake anywhere, there will be mosquitos and they will be annoying you for a bit.

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