How I organize for IG.

Instagram is awesome. I really love it. But there is quite some background organization involved in running a “successful” IG account. Here is my general workflow.

First I start with taking, editing and storing my pictures. I start by importing my files from the SD card to Lightroom. To find out more on how I edit, see this post. (>click here) From there I then export in dated and named folders. Those are usually in the format of “yyyy-mm-dd_what-i-did-and-where” so that I can find my files more easily and so that there is less clutter on my computer.

(My folder structure.)

From there, I usually AirDrop those pictures that I want to post on my IG to my iPhone, where I then usually add them to Instagram.

(Using AirDrop.)

Of course, that is only half the match played. From here, I then proceed to the pre-installed notes app and write out my caption as well as hashtags, so that I can still access them later. I probably could organize that part a little better, but so far, it works good enough for me.

(Last weeks captions & hashtags.)

I then go along and copy my caption on my Mac to paste it into Instagram on my iPhone. I then add the photo location and tag some relevant IG accounts on the post and hit share. I usually don’t go beyond 15 hashtags, except for when I’m doing a throwback or I’ve got an extra vacation hashtag going. If I do that, those live under the caption above the five dots that I use to separate my caption from my hashtags. I once used an app called Focalmark to find hashtags for my posts, but that app only ever uses the same hashtags, so I don’t use it as regularly anymore.

(My latest IG Post.)

I hope you find my process helpful.

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