I love classic cars.

I really like to include cars and other things in my landscapes for scale. I usually take what ever is coming at me. But I definitely would love to include more classic cars in my photography.

Classic cars are just beautiful and unique, unlike most modern cars which mostly look the same, no matter who built them. Classic cars have character. They are wild and untamed beasts of glory.

(The red MGM)

Like this red MGB that I just saw at University in Clausthal. I absolutely love it. I wish I would have found the owner of it to ask him if he where interested in a photoshoot with his/her car.

(A Porsche 928.)

I also had a run in with a beautiful blue 1969 Ford Mustang a few days ago, but the picture didn’t turn out right.

(British Flag on the MGB. Click for IG.)

So yeah, I absolutely love classic cars. And landscape photography.

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