My wall of inspiration.

I am a firm believer in that a photograph only truly comes to life once it is printed. But in my early days, a lot of those prints ended up in some random shoe boxes, never to be seen again. That has changed. I now put them up on my bedroom walls.

To print my pictures, I load the files that I want to print on an old SD card that I then insert into my Canon CP1300 printer and print. While that printer does support wireless printing, that process is extremely slow, so I don’t do it much. I also deactivate image refinement and print with a matte pattern on top of my photos. After printing, I add those photos to my wall with a bit of UHU patafix, similar to blue tack.

(My printer doing it’s thing.)

Right now, most of my pictures live on the walls surrounding my bed, but I don’t have much space left there, so my wall of inspiration will probably continue to claim every wall in the room until there is no more space left. I absolutely love it.

(My first wall of inspiration.)

You may wonder why I call this project my wall of inspiration. That is, because I not only put those pictures up on my walls to look at them, but also to get inspired by past achievements when I look for ideas on what to shoot. Off course the wall also inspires me to continue improving my photography.

(My second wall of inspiration. It only has a few spots left.)

Today I finally put myself to the task of completing my second wall of inspiration, a project that had sat vacant since I came back from the Netherlands this March. I also had not printed a single image since then, so I really put my little printer to the test today. I had to change paper 4x and ink cartridges once. A pack of paper holds 18 sheets, and one ink cartridge prints 54 (some only do 36 though).

(Where the two walls meet.)

I don’t only put up my own prints on the walls though. I also add postcards that I receive, some newsletters and group pictures, mostly of university field trips, so that I never forget my friends and what I have achieved so far.

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