Backing up my photography.

I shoot RAW. And those files are big. So after a while, my 64GB SD card get’s filled up. And since I don’t want to buy new storage every other week, I use external hard drives to back up my photography.

A San Disk Extreme Pro 64GB U3 SD card costs about 25 Euros on Amazon at the moment. And that’s a really good price, but when you can get a 1TB hard drive for about double that, I paid 57 Euros for my latest one at the local electronics store, that equation doesn’t solve anymore. While the hard drive costs just about 6 cents per gigabyte, sits at 2.56 Euros. Also, I would need to buy 16 SD cards to match 1 hard drive. So far, I own four separate 1TB hard drives, with three of them being practically full of images and videos.

(My hard drives.)

When I decide to backup my SD card, which I do when it’s full or biweekly-ish, whichever comes first, I first go to the folder named corresponding to the camera I’ve been shooting with and look for the folder of the current year. I then create a new folder with the exact date of the backup as it’s name.

(I found this picture I took in Sweden while digging through last years backup folder.)

Since my current camera is set up to create a new folder every single day, so that I can keep track of my photos more easily, I usually proceed to open the DCIM folder and copy it’s contents to the folder I have just created on my hard drive. Backup done.

(Go see my post about panoramic photography.)

The only thing that remains to be done after that is to re-format the SD card with my cameras formatting function for it to be filled up with content once more. And if I ever run out of storage in the field, I always bring a 32GB SD card of the same make as my 64GB card as backup.

*I have no affiliation with SanDisk, I just really trust their SD cards, and never had one fail on me where it wasn’t my fault.

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