What’s in my camera bag.

A lot of you probably have a camera bag to transport all your gear and also protect it from damage at the same time. While I prefer a backpack, there are other options, like sling style bags, available.

For most people, what they have in their bags is basically the same. Most bring their camera, some lenses and maybe a tripod or some filters. I personally bring exactly those things, but also some more.

(My current camera, a Canon M5.)

Power and storage are both important things in digital photography, so I always have spare batteries for my camera, a power bank for my phone and usually two spare SD cards with me. Whenever I bring my laptop, I also bring my rugged backup drive.

(My 55-250mm telephoto lens.)

Only clean lenses produce sharp images, so I also bring some lint free microfibre cloths and two lens pens. I have a small one for my 22mm prime and a bigger one for my other lenses. I really like how they perform when it comes to cleaning. I also bring a rocket blower to blow dust off my lenses and also out off my camera.

(My lensball.)

While I have my lensball in my backpack at all times, I don’t actually use it as much as my other gear, because it’s not easy for me to find fitting scenes. I also don’t want to over saturate my Instagram with lensball shots.

(My backpack.)

As backpack I use a Lowepro Protactic 450AW. While I had other backpacks in the past, the Protactic is my first purpose built camera bag, and it absolutely surpassed my expectations since I got it last year in April. While it can’t fit my tripod internally, it does fit in the backpacks water bottle holder rather nicely.

(Captured using my NDX filter.)

I also bring my small aperture light, NDX filter and Røde microphone for video work, the evermacro device and some other bits and bobs with me most off the time. Whenever I want to bring my GoPro, I just attach it’s dedicated bag to my backpack. I also always bring a bottle of water and my small enamel mug that I got in Sweden last year and some hand sanitiser. But thta’s usually all I bring.

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