Contrast through colour.

As a landscape photographer, I always struggle with the fact that my surroundings here in the Harz are mostly green. So I usually look for something to contrast that green. Lakes, cars, houses and flowers are very good at giving me that contrast.

Off course a good landscape shot doesn’t need much more than itself, but sometimes, a little dash of colour can draw the eye to itself or just look beautiful.

(My favourite shot from when I took the train up the Brocken.)

Without that red jacket I would have probably edited out that stranger, but then I probably also would not have used the picture anymore, because it would be to empty.

(A red car in the woods.)

This picture of a red car in the woods is another great example of why contrasting colours in a scene are just awesome. Without that car, this would just have been another picture of an empty road. I do also have this one without the car, taken some second earlier, but I definitely prefer this one, as it draws the eye into the scene.

(A poppy in a field of grain.)

I love this picture of a nice red poppy against the orange-brownness of the grain field it sits in. The colour just adds such a nice contrast to the scene. The poppy as the subject of this image just really stands out from the background.

(Dead trees and water as contrast elements.)

While dead trees are a sad sight to behold, they also give great contrast in landscape shots like this one, breaking up the see off green with some brown. And while I absolutely despise the bark beetle, it’s ultimately us humans who kill the forrest. With summers getting dryer and dryer due to climate change, the trees just can’t defend themselves against the bark beetle as effectively anymore.

(A flower.)

That’s why I usually prefer living things to provide colourful contrast elements in my photography. Like flowers, or coincidental people. Or even cars.

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