Night Photography in the Rain.

I absolutely love Night Photography, especially Long Exposures. But doing so in the rain has, up until now, been pretty much impossible for me. I would have always needed a roof or a ledge to stand under and protect my Camera from the weather.

That has changed a few days ago, when my plastic Rain Cover, especially made for Cameras, arrived in the mail. I had seen the product on a Pierre T. Lambert YouTube video and thought that, since I’ve always wanted to shoot in the rain, that I would try it out. And I only paid around 10 Euros for two!

(The Rain Cover on my Camera.)

And today was the day: It rained. A lot. And even though that rain had pretty much faded by the time I was able to shoot, I had to bring a friend to the train station. I don’t blame him, fiendship is more important than photography.

The Rain Cover is pretty much nothing more than a long plastic sleeve that’s open on both ends with a drawstring one one side to fit it around the lens barrel. The only downside to the version I bought is that I didn’t check the size before ordering, and it’s way to long for my tiny Canon M5 and it tricks the eye cup sensor into activating the EVF. But otherwise, it works extremely well.

(The Rain Cover from the side.)

I absolutely love this little thing. And even though the rain today was only light to non existend while shooting today, I doubt it would let any water in even during heavier downpoors. If you want to get your own, you can get it on Amazon.

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