Black & White Photography

Colourful Photos are awesome. But sometimes, it has to be a good old Black & White Image to set the mood straight.

For me, Black & White, or Monochrome Photography is extremely beautiful. But that is only the case if it’s done right. I see more than enough B&W Pictures on the internet that should instead be in Colour.

(I love this shot in Black & White.)

At other times, I think that Pictures that were shared in Colour would have fared better in B&W. Especially once with higher amounts of Digital Noise. Or when I look at Street Photography. For me, there are a lot of great Street Photographs in Colour, but I most often prefer the same shots in B&W.

(Street Photography in Black & White.)

Black & White is just a timeless way of Photography. It doesn’t know today or tomorrow. And while I shoot and edit all of my Pictures in Colour so that I can choose which version I prefer, converting to B&W is just one mouse click away.

(Sometimes, it has to be Black & White.)

The other reason for me to edit pretty much all of my shots form today in Black & White is that I wanted to challenge myself into thinking out of the Colourful Box and see what would work and what would not.

(This does not.)

For example this shot of a plane against the sky. It looked awful in B&W. At least to me. It just doesn’t offer enough Contrast for that.

All in all, I absolutely love Black & White Photography if it’s done right. Sometimes it is a struggle to choose between Colour and Monochrome, and when in doubt, I usually go for Colour. But why not try both?

2 thoughts on “Black & White Photography”

  1. Well said. Although I think probably every photographer agrees with the sentiment, nevertheless we would have long discussion as to which photo should be colour and which B&W because in the end it comes down to personal aesthetics. Although you make a good argument that sometimes it is the colour and not the shape that provides the definition of the subject. This is not an easy attribute to grasp.

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    1. I totally get your point. Whether a shot should be Colour or B&W is totally up to the Photographer. I also believe that it is a good thing that not everybody has the same preferences when it comes to Colour or the lack thereof (and pretty much everything else).


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