I love shooting Video.

I consider myself to be a Photographer. I absolutely love Photography and spend quite some time, out of work and university, pursuing the craft.

But another thing I’ve always enjoyed doing is shooting Video. It’s just a fun way expressing my creativity in moving pictures, because that’s how we see our world. Through motion.

(I shot this Video in Cologne.)

Sometimes, I even end up sharing Videos on YouTube. And even though I really don’t get many views, it feels good to share my work on the platform. Mostly, because I have fun doing the Filming and Editing and believe that it would be an even bigger waste of time if I wouldn’t share anything with anyone.

(Captured at the Oderteich in the Harz.)

I really don’t do YouTube for the views, but more of them would be extremely awesome. I do YouTube for the fun of shooting Video. Even though it gets in the way of my Photography sometimes. But I’m definetly better at manually exposing Video. For Photos, I mostly shoot in Aperture priority (Av on Canon Cameras).

(The sunset I shot in Clausthal, captured in HDR.)

I shot my latest Video Project last Monday, in the middle of the night, on my way home from shooting the sunset in Clausthal.* I absolutely loved the challenge I posed to my self by exclusively shooting with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. It’s quite narrow, around 80mm, on APS-C. It also doesn’t have image stabilization.

(Shot Monday night.)

So go ahead and watch some of my videos, if you like!

* I don’t know if I’m going to do a post about HDR photography yet, as I’m not really into it.

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