I prefer Clouds in Landscapes.

Blue skies are beautiful, but they are so boring when it comes to Landscape Photography. Clouds are an easy, natural way to spice up any Landscape Shot.

If you read my blog before, you know that Contrast and Content in Landscapes. And Clouds are the easiest way to achieve those two Aspects. You do not even have to take anything extra with you. Just make sure that your Landscapes include more than just Clouds.

Clouds at the Oderteich.

I absolutely love Clouds. Simple blue skies are a sign of good weather, but I absolutely prefer white, fluffy clouds.

More Clouds.

Clouds also look awesome during Golden Hour, reflecting the awesome light and breaking up the uniformity of the sky. Sunsets, and Sunrises, always look better with Clouds. Like in this Capture taken in Osterode.

Clouds & Light Rays.

Clouds can also create awesome looking Light Rays when the Sun hits them in the right angle. Like in this shot from Fedderwardersiel at the German north sea.

Clouds near Schwiegershausen.

Clouds in Landscapes are the absolute best. But they can not save every shot. You still have to have other Content in your Photos and Compose them well. But Clouds certainly make your Skies look more interesting.

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