Photographic Inception.

Usually, I take fairly ‘normal’ Photos. But sometimes I also take Incepted Photos. That is when I bring up the Camera app on my phone and then take a picture of me taking a picture. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people doing it with Photoshop though.

I do not have anything against using Photoshop, but I believe that a true Inception Shot looks way better than anything you can fake in post.

One of my first Inception Shots.

Photographic Inception is a great way to showcase a scene like a ‘normal’ Photograph never could, multi dimensional. Blurred and sharp at the same time.

To take an Inception Shot, I usually take my iPhone, open the Camera app and hold the phone as far away as I can with one hand while holding my real Camera and pressing the shutter button with the other hand. It is usually not very comfortable to shoot that way, but it works.

Another one, shot in Sweden.

Now I have not done ‘classic’ Inception Photography in a while, but the trick also works the other way around. And it is definitely easier to Shoot your Camera sitting on a Tripod than to hold our Phone and shoot it. That is also what I do not like about the inverted version: It is simply to easy.

A sligthly more comlicated version of Inverted Inception.

Now to that Photoshop thing again: Most people I have seen doing it that way do not use Photoshop because it is easier, which it is not, but because they believe that Phone Photography is too low for them. Instead of actually activating their Phones Camera, they take one Photo with the Phone in it and one without. They then mask out the screen in Photoshop and they are done. What most people forget though are shutter buttons and correct screen alignment. That is why I prefer real Inception. Not because I can’t do Photoshop, but because it just does not feel right to me.

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