Photography in the Rain is awesome!

Ever since I got a little Rain Cover for my Camera and a proper Rain Poncho for myself, we had way to good weather here in Germany to really give those things a try. And while I knew the Camera Rain Cover worked, I wanted to do more with it.

Today I got the chance, and I grabbed it by its’ watery tail. We had a sudden, but heavy rainstorm. And while it only lasted a few Minutes, it was strong.

Some Street Photography in the Rain.

Most People would probably tuck their Camera away and keep it safe during such Conditions, but that is why I have a Rain Cover. Most People also search for cover in the rain. I also took cover today, but only because I had forgotten my person sized Rain Poncho and also my umbrella at home. It’s also not easy to shoot with an umbrella taking up valuable hand real estate.

Smaller drops of rain.

Picking the correct Shutter Speed in the rain is crucial. You do not want your rain drops to be too streaky, but you should avoid them hanging in the air perfectly still. In my opinion, it looks the best if your Photo shows at least a bit of that rain actually falling.

A beautiful Rainbow in Nanaimo BC, Canada.

You also get the chance of shooting Rainbows if you go out during the rain more than when you stay indoors. And I really like those.

Another Rainbow, this time from Sweden.

Shooting out in the Rain can really make your Photos unique, as not many people do it. It can also turn out that you do not really like the results. But how would you know that if you never even tried to Capture that Rainy goodness.

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