Shooting Vertical.

Ever since it broke away from the Square, people started shooting more Vertical for that valuable Instagram Real Estate. And while there are ways to post Landscape Shots to the Platform without loosing out on Feed Space, Shooting Vertical is here to stay.

And while all the Settings remain pretty much identical to when you shoot in Landscape Orientation, your Field of view is different. And you have to plan your Composition according to that.

A Vertical Shot of Osterodes Marktkirche.

And while some Scenes absolutely lend themselves to being Shot Vertically, others do not. Lately, I started shooting in both orientations for most of my Photography so that I can choose which Capture to use later.

This shot would not have worked in Landscape Orientation.

There are even Scenes that work way better in Vertical than in Horizontal. Like the Street above. There would have been to much House and to little Street in it had I shot it Horizontal.

This Shot did not look good in Vertical.

Sometimes though, shooting Vertical can completely ruin the Scene. The Photograph of the tree at the teich above just looked wrong in Vertical to me.

Better in Vertical and Black & White.

Not every Shot works in Vertical, but not every Shot works in Horizontal either. So do not just shoot Vertical for Instagram or Horizontal because you despise Vertical. Decide new for every Picture. Compose and Shoot both if you’re unsure. And always remember that you can post Landscape Oriented Shots to Instagram and that you can always crop if you dislike what you have.

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