I absolutely love great looking Buildings and other beautiful Architecture. So off course I also take pictures of those things.

One such example of a really cool looking Building is one of my Universities Institutes, the CZM. Its outside is primarily constructed of large steel sheets and glass. The roof itself flows over into the walls in a continuous motion, and it looks absolutely fantatsic.

The Building.

It consists of two parts, an office tract and a bigger hall for work stations and rooms for working with CFRPs and GFRPs. Those two are are connected with a square Building in the middle and with a bridge to the rest of the more classically square institute.

The conncting bit.

I absolutely love the design of the Building, and it’s definitely unique in Clausthal, were most Buildings are of more classical designs.

A cuboid Buiding at University. One of many.

Most University Buildings of the C Campus are cuboid and more functional than anything else. But for me, even those Buildings have some Photographic charm. Straight lines are just a great compositional tool when it comes to Architecture Photography.

Shot at the Institute for Geology.

Architectural Photography is a great way to show people where you are. It is a very important part of Travel Photography for me. But a lot of Genres fit under the umbrella of that term.

My favourite Shot from Rotterdam. The Willemsbrug from the Cube Houses.

Architecture can also help to really nicely frame other subjects, like I used the Cube Houses in Rotterdam to frame the beautiful red Willemsbrug. Buildings are an important part of our culture and thus look different depending on the time when they were build and also on their geographic location. Architecture Photography is just a great way to show how a place has evolved.

A typical Red House in Sweden.

Some Styles are particular to certain Regions, while others might find broader adaption throughout the world. And that is what I love about Architecture Photography, no matter were you go, no two Buildings are exactly alike. Not even when they are meant to be.

My favourite Shot from Groningen.

The only thing to keep in mind is that straight lines should be straight and that wonky or leaning buildings do not really induce confidence in the viewer. They also just look weird.

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