What is Travel Photography?

There are many Styles of Photography, like Landscapes, Architecture or Street Photography. Travel Photography combines all those Styles and more into a single package, so you do not have to choose what kind of Photographer you want to be. Just be a Travel Photographer.

Landscapes can really immerse the Future Traveller into their destination and show them what they are signing up for. It is a great way to bring the World closer to everyone, even those who choose to stay at home.

A typical Landscape in the Harz.

A great way to to immerse the Viewer into foreign places can be Cityscapes and Architecture Photography. Weather you shoot the Lights of the City, a magnificent skyline or focus on a single Building, shooting Architecture is a great way to explore distant places and showcase the yet unknown.

I absolutely love this Picture I took in Hamburgs Speicherstadt.

The best way to exhibit foreign cultures and other ways of life would be Street Photography. Weather you Photograph people directly or merely have them in your frame, they are always a great in showcasing what to expect when you travel where you have not been before. Just make sure you do not end up angering people.

Travellers at the train station.

A lot of people think that you have to Travel to be a Travel Photographer. But that is absolutely not the case. It is not the ‘task’ of the Travel Photographer to visit distant countries and explore foreign cultures. Your Photos are supposed to make people want to go out and do all those things themselves. Sure it is more fun to Travel yourself, but it can also be quite costly, especially for new Travel Photographers.

Shot near my hometown.

I call this Passive Travel Photography. All you need to do is go out and explore your own Country, or even just your Hometown, through the Lens of your Camera and shoot it. Maybe you can make people to want to come and travel where you live. And while it might not be as exiting, it still makes you a Travel Photographer.

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