My favourite places in Germany.

I live in Germany. And while I love travelling abroad, and going to do so next week, there are also many awesome and beautiful places here. And for me, it is even kinda affordable to get around in Germany. (It is for pretty much everyone.)

But everyone, including me, has their favourites. These are mine.

In the Harz.

While I live right next to the Harz, I also really love it here. The Area is just so extremely beautiful and vast, you could find something new and interesting every day. I guess I am quite fortunate to live here and am able to explore when I am not at Work or attending University.

Hamburg is one of my favourite Cities here in Germany.

Hamburg always has been one of my favourite places to go and spend a few days at. I guess that is because I really like big cities and also being at the water. Except for this year, I’ve been to Hamburg at least once or twice a year since 2016. But I do not think that I will ad a trip in 2019, as I am thinking of maybe going to Munich for the first time this year.

Berlins Molecule Man.

For the last few years, again except for 2019, I have been to Berlin with a few friends for Formula E. I also really like its cultural diversity and architecture. Berlin is definitely a beautiful place to travel to, but I do not think I would want to actually live there. It is just so crowded and busy all the time.

A train station in Cologne.

There was a time when I really did not like Cologne at all. Maybe that is because I got lost there at one time when I was like 10 or 11. Lately though I really came to like Cologne, and that probably started during an 8th grade field trip to the city. After that, I had not been to Cologne for a few years, but last year, I went twice. I’ve also been on 3 University field trips there since 2016.

At the North Sea.

There is great debate under German Travellers whether the Baltic Sea or the North Sea is the better one. While both are quite nice, and I do like spending time at the Baltic Sea, or Ostsee as we Germans call it, I personally prefer the North Sea as it has more temperament. I also really like the Fish Fast Food Chain of the same Name.

Another one from the Harz.

All in all, I really love my home country. There are many beautiful places here, but these are my favourite. And while this list is out for now, it will probably change over time. And I am definitely going to enjoy my Formula Student trip to Czechia next week.

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