Czechia was awesome!

Last week, from mid Tuesday to early Sunday morning, I was out camping near Most in Czechia for FS Czech with my Formula Student Team. It was so awesome.

When we arrived in Most on Tuesday, we set up camp. We also got our Team credentials. I also made my first mistake here: I set up my tent for the view rather then for the underground. It sat halfway on the slope and halfway on top of the hill. And the ground was way hard, but I am not complaining.

The race track in Most. There where Motor Cycle competitions all week.

On Wednesday, we started in the Scrutenering Process, were the Race Cars get checked for Safety and also adherence to the rules. We did well, but were unable to get all stickers in the first run as we had planned. Since I spent most of the day, except for the Welcome Ceremony in the evening, in the Camp, I have no pictures of that process.

I took some Long Exposure HDR Photos on Wednesday evening. There were quite a few coal power plants in the area.

On Thursday we then skidded past the Business Plan finals by just one team and placed fourth in the category, which is really awesome. We also finished the Scrutenering and all the other tests. It was an awesome day.

The GVRacer 8 leaving the test area.

Friday was the first day of Dynamics. We managed to do all runs in all events, actually doing quite well in most of them with, ranking around places 6 and 7. It was awesome to see our beautiful GVRacer 8 in action on the race track!

Taken during the Accelration Event. My favourite Shot of the Event.

Our goal was it to finish every Category and also get scored doing so. That means completing the Endurance Event on Saturday was a huge success for us. Not that we were unable to do that before, we drove through 2 Endurances last year, we just never received a score before. Except for when you did not need to finish all 22 laps to actually score. We also placed 5th overall in the Electric Category. That does not give you a trophy, but it is still very awesome!

Driving the Endurance.

Off course there was a big party that night, but I had a migraine and did not participate. We also broke camp that evening with some of us already leaving for home. I left with my carpool early Sunday morning. It was an awesome week, but I still prefer my bed to the hard, cold ground. I even almost fell asleep on the asphalt in front of the pits, because that stuff was way more comfortable than my tent.

The race track in Most by night. It was so awesome to wake up every morning with the track in sight.

There are only two things I would do differently: The way I set up my tent, and the way I forgot my Cameras charger at home. Because of that, I was unable to take any video in fear of running out of juice. Turns out I still have 1.5 of 3 full batteries left. Also, it rained durig the last night, so my tent is still wet.

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