Why I love to Travel.

Travelling, wether domestically or abroad, is always awesome. And my trip to Czechia last week reminded be to always be open to the unknown.

It reminded me that you do not need a fancy Airbnb or some Hostel to explore. All you need is time, curiosity and some money.

Captured last week in Czechia.

I absolutely love to travel without a real plan. Most of the time, I only know how to get to where I want to go and where I sleep at night. And sometimes, I do not even know those things, because plans can change. Like when I went on an extended trip through the Netherlands last March instead of just visiting Amsterdam.

Shot on Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands.

I absolutely hate it to be constraint in what I do because I have to be at a place at a certain time. In my day to day life, that is absolutely fine, but when I travel I prefer to decide what I do by myself.

Taken in Karlstad, Sweden.

I guess I came to love travelling through my family, when I was young, we went somewhere every year, sometimes even more than once. Another part of my passion comes from my late Opa. He always drove through the Harz with me and my brother and showed us so many different things. I really miss him.

In the Harz.

Curiosity definitely plays an important part in my travels. I love it to explore new places. Even if I travel to where I have been before, I always find something new.

At the train Station in Frankfurt, Germany.

I guess that I am very fortunate to do what I love to do, Travelling and Photography. And also University.

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