I absolutely love filming in the dark.

I am a huge Photography Nerd. But lately, I came to enjoy shooting Video quite a bit as well. Especially at night, when there is little light and when there are few people around.

I usually shoot those videos with my two fastest Lenses, so that I do not have to raise my ISO too much. But even at f/1.8 & f/2.0 I usually end up shooting around ISO 6400, the maximum Video ISO of my Canon M5.

My latest Creation.

I just really love it to shoot at night, because then I do not need to care about ND filters and such things. And where I shoot, there is usually still enough light to not need an external light source like my Aputure M9. That is an awesome little light, but I always prefer not having to fiddle around with things all the time. It is already enough work to remember putting my Røde Videomicro on my Camera.

I have three Episodes of Late Night Osterode out so far.

To edit those videos, I usually just put the individual clips into iMovie and cut them together until I like what I see. I then put a 2.35×1 letterbox, some Music and some SFX as well as VFX and Titles into it and then I am done.

Version 1 of Late Night Osterode

For me, it is quite some fun to shoot video in the dark and wait for some car to go by. I really like it.

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