RC Aircraft in Scharzfeld.

Today, I’ve been in Scharzfeld, because the local RC Club hosted their annual air show this weekend. It was actually really cool.

I left for Scharzfeld around noon and arrived there around 12.30pm. After parking my car, I found my way to my relatives, who are members of the club to say hello and also to have some lunch.

An RC Chopper flying on its’ back.

It is quite fascinating what you can actually do with Aircraft if you do not have to take care of the people inside. Like flying upside down, or doing extremely erratic manoeuvres all the time. One plane even lost part of the wing mid air in a fox hunt. The goal of that hunt is to cut a long tail of an Aircraft with different Aircraft.

During the fox hunt.

It was so hot and humid on the fields today, that I had to drink quite a lot of water. I can not imagine how hard it must have been for the people manning the BBQ station. At least there was a bit of a breeze going on. One person suffered a circulatory collapse though, and I hope she gets well soon.

A real-life Police helicopter.

In the middle of the event, while a RC Glider was prepared to be pulled into the air by another RC Plane, a real-life Police helicopter began circling the area for a short time. But that was gone quite fast, as it continued on its’ way.

The airborne RC Glider.

The area around the RC Airfield in Scharzfeld is actually quite beautiful. You can see the Harz, the village of Scharzfeld it self and even the Castle in Herzberg. I could image waking up there every morning just admiring the view.

The Harz from the RC Airfield.

And while I personally prefer real-life man-carrying Aircraft, mostly because I can sit in them and see the world from above, I certainly understand the appeal of their RC counterparts. In the end, camera drones like the ones from DJI are just another breed of RC Multicopters, and who does not like some tasty drone footage?

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