Trying out AEB.

Today we had a rather short but massive hailstorm here in the Harz. And it it absolutely nothing to douse the heat. But that is not what todays blog is about. It is about Auto Exposure Bracketing, or AEB.

I have written about HDR Photography before, and AEB actually does pretty much the same. It takes 3 Pictures at different Exposure Levels that you then can merge into one HDR File in post. Only that it takes those 3 Exposures all by itself using the Exposure Compensation Values that you entered into the system.

AEB HDR of todays ‘sunset’.

For this Photo, the Base Exposure was set to 0EV and the other two Values were set to + and – 1EV, whereas 1 EV equals 1 Stop of Exposure. All the Camera does is to shoot one Picture correctly exposed, then one Over- and another one Underexposed by as many stops as you dialled in. My Camera only Brackets up to +- 2EV from the base Exposure though.

AEB is an easy way to get an even Exposure.

AEB is an awesome way to get good Exposure levels all the way from your Shadows through the Mid-tones to your Highlights, just like HDR Photography, only that your Camera does most of the work. Before I tried out AEB for the first time today, I always changed my Exposure Values manually whenever I wanted to do it. Now I know a better way.

I really love the possibilities of AEB.

But now about that hailstorm: It started out as a normal downpour, but it got stronger and stronger until my windshield wipers were unable to cope with the sheer masses of water, and then hail, coming for them. I had to pull over and wait it out. Quite a few people did so, actually. The noise of the hail in my car was so loud, I was terrified of it coming through my windows, and it was just tiny hail!

The bulk of the Storm was over when I took this Picture.

I even filmed a bit of it, maybe I will turn it into a video.

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