I barely go to the Bergbauernmarkt anymore.

I absolutely love the Bergbauernmarkt in Zellerfeld. You can get everything there, but mostly food. And the food is awesome. There is just so much variety. You can even get Dutch, Hungarian and other international goodies there.

But the thing is: It is always extremely crowded right from the get go. And while I have absolutely no Problem with massive crowds, it is also pretty much impossible to get any parking places when it is Bauernmarkt time. And the traffic also goes quite crazy in Zellerfeld.

I was really lucky to get a spot for my car today.

I would really love to go to the Bauernmarkt more often, and I was able to snatch a parking spot today so I could meet up with some friends, but the past few weeks I was not that lucky. And I did not want to walk for half an hour one way from University just to grab a steak for dinner.

A vintage Citroen van.

Usually, when I had the time to go to the Bergbauernmarkt and also got lucky to find a parking spot, I always only saw a Coffee selling version of this beautiful Citroen delivery van. And while I absolutely love the smell of Coffee, I really dislike the taste. It also does not sit well with me. Today I got lucky, and the Jelly van was there. You can get a variety of Jams, Jellies and Beverage Syrups there, all hand made. And I love Jelly on my toast, especially Apple Jelly. So today I grabbed me a jar of Apple-Elderberry Jelly. I just have not tasted it jet.

The crowds at the Bergbauernmarkt.

At the far end of the Street the Bergbauernmarkt is on, there is even a small Craft Beer Brewery with its’ own pub, the Biermünze. And their beer is really good. I especially like their Altbierbowle, which is made from beer and, I believe rum-soaked strawberries. Their Chilli con Carne is also very good, or at least it was when I was there the last time.

The ‘gate’ to the Bergbauernmarkt.

If you enjoy good food, some refreshing beer and people watching the Bergbauernmarkt is an absolute must. It is open every Thursday from 6pm to 10pm from May to October every year. The pub obviously is open for longer during this period, and also year round from 11am to 7pm, except Mondays.

Another picture of that awesome Citroen van. Also a spoiler to a post I’m working on.

For all of my non German readers, Bergbauernmarkt stands for mountain farmers market. It is a market for farmers, butchers, candy makers and others from the Harz area to promote themselves and to also sell their goodies.

Find out more about the Bergbauernmarkt and the Biermünze on their respective, German websites. I have no affilition with any of them.

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