Exploring Hahnenklee

Today, I was out and about exploring Hahnenklee with some friends who have never been there. We started with the Stabkirche and ended up on Mount Bocksberg using the cable car.

When we first arrived at the Gustav Adolf Stabkirche in Hahnenklee this afternoon, it was way to crowded to get any interesting shots. We were also unable to actually enter the church, because there was some private concert going on inside.

The crowds at the Stabkirche.

Because of that, we decided to head into town and explore there for a while. There were so many mountain bikers, it was almost unbelievable. They were there because of the abundance of downhill tracks on Mount Bocksberg. After filming and photographing from the bottom for a while, we decided to take the Cable Car up the Mountain.

The view from Mount Bocksberg.

Up on the Mountain, we then decided to take a turn on the Bocksberg Bob. And boy was that fun! We rode fast and slow, around corners and always down hill. Until we got pulled back up the Mountain by their conveyor belt. Because it was already 5pm at the time, and the Harz pretty much closes down around then, we headed down the Mountain again and back to the Stabkirche.

Back at the Gustav Adolf Stabkirche, where we started our day.

And it was beautiful! The crowds were gone, and the light was way better than earlier, what is to be expected. We each got some great Shots in. Before we went into to town earlier in the day though, we came across a very dilapidated building right next to the parking lot. The former (?) Bocksberg Alm. I believe I had hot chocolate there when I was a kid, but maybe also not.

The former (?) Bocksberg Alm.

We had an absolutely awesome afternoon exploring in the Harz today! It was just so much fun to be able to show those guys a few things. Only that it was really hot and humid, a combination that none of us really like.

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