Lenses over Cameras.

A lot of new Photographers tend to believe that newer Cameras can take their Photography to the next level. But sometimes they do not even think of changing from their Kit Lens.

And usually, Kit Lenses are not the best. I wont say they plain out suck, because they do not. I still have my old Kit Lens with me. But I barely use it anymore, except for when my 22mm Prime Lens is just not wide enough for the situation I am trying to shoot.

Taken with my Canon M5.

The picture above was taken with my Canon M5 that I got last year. I probably could have gotten the same image with my old Canon 100D, because the lens I used would fit them both. I did not change Cameras because of Image Quality though. I had different reasons.

Captured with my old DSLR.

The thing is that your Camera, apart from Shutter Speed and ISO and Resolution, does not provide that much to the Final Image. Clearly, you need one to actually capture your Compositions, but the Camera just accepts the Light. It can not change the Field of View or the Depth therof. Except for when you go with a different Sensor Size, like Full Frame over APSC.

Another Mirrorless Capture.

The only thing that affects those things is your Lens. It shapes the Light to fall onto your Sensor and regulates its intensity via the Aperture. It focuses the Image were you want it to, the Camera just provides it with that information. It is largely responsible for your Photos Sharpness, or lack thereof. You can also affect Sharpness with Shutter Speed in form of Motion Blurr and ISO in form of Noise, but if the Lens is unsharp, so are your Pictures.

Taken with the 100D.

So before you spend all your hard earned cash on that new Camera your favourite manufacturer just announced think to yourself: Do I really need that new, shiny flagship body, or should I invest in better glass first? If your answer is yes, by all means, go for it. But if you are unsure about it, maybe just think a little more and then decide: new Glass or new Camera. But always remember: A good Photographer always trumps the best Gear.

2 thoughts on “Lenses over Cameras.”

  1. Yes indeed! If you’ve got a good, sharp lens you can make it ‘softer’. But if it’s soft to begin with there’s no way to make it sharper. The quality of the lens has always been the main factor in a good photograph. In the ‘film days’ film was film, shutter speed was shutter speed, and it came down heavily on how good the lens was. Not how expensive the camera body!

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