Feierabend is awesome!

Here in Osterode, from May to September, we celebrate Feierabend every first Thursday of the Month. We have some Street Food, fresh Beer and Live Music. It is always quite nice there.

It is actually quite crowded, thanks to the good Food and awesome Beer.

Some delicious Craft Beer.

Usually, I do not have much time on Thursday evenings. But today was a different day, and so I went. First I only got a Coke at the Craft Beer stand, because I was unable to decide if I shiuld get a Blonde or a Dark. I ended up geting a delicious cold Blonde. Sold to me by an old friend from High School.

A great, vegetarian, Sheep’s Cheese Burger.

Since I am trying to eat less meat in my day to day life, I decided to go for the Sheep’s Cheese Burger that is offered by one of the Food Trucks that is always there when it is Feierabend. It was so delicious! It is to bad today was the last Feierabend of the year.

So many people!

There were quite a few people out for Feierabend today. It is just so very nice to see such a such a successful event here in Osterode and two actually have it in its second year already!

Some Bagpipers during set-up.

Today the Live Music act was a Scotland-inspired Rock Band. They even had some Bagpipes! I really love Bagpipes. There was also some local Single-Malt Whiskey on sale, but that was to pricey for me. I am also not much of a Whiskey person. After a while, it started to rain for a bit though, and while that rain died down quickly, and never really got going in the first place, I was already back home by then.

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