Flugtag in Hattorf.

Today, I have been to Hattorf because the local Aviation Club hosts its annual Flugtag (Aviation Day.) this weekend. And I absolutely love General Aviation.

The weather today was way better than it was supposed to be. It only rained for a bit, and then stopped. So I made my way over to Hattorf to see some Aircraft flying around in the sky.

So many GA Airplanes!

There was the ability to go on ‘sightseeing’ flights in either those Airplanes or in a Helicopter, but I was not that interested in that today. I also did not bring enough cash money. It was just so much more expensive than a few years ago, which is understandable. Everything gets pricier over time.

The Helicopter landing.

There were even some Stunt Planes doing a few Performances. I loved it! It is amazing to see what Aircraft can do if the pilots are willing to do it. They also had some Gliders doing ‘sightseeing’ flights, but also one very old Glider and a Stunt Glider!

A Stunt Plane taking off.

For such a small Aviation Club, they did really good once again. Even the side program was well thought out, with a lottery, a flight simulator and food as well as beverages. If only the weather had been better.

A GA Airplane landing.

All in all, I had a great, Aviation fuelled day in Hattorf. I know small Aircraft are somewhat sketchy, but I just love them so much!

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